January 11, 2018

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xo B

June 6, 2017

Leave it to me to begin a month long blogging challenge on the 6th.

#1 . . . Leave love notes in random places and my heart will swell.

#2 . . . Light up your community, aka, love what you do.

#3 . . . Do nothing. Just be yourself.

That was a gentle foray back into this ol...

March 22, 2017

3. As an energy reviver . . . When I am in a slump or lacking the energy to get stuff done, I use a combo of 5 drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil in a roller ball bottle. I buy a ton of 5ml and 10 ml perfume roller ball bottles for the purpose of massaging the...

October 28, 2016

Hey again. We made it through surgery beautifully. My warrior man had his triple bypass {heart opening} operation. Then a few days after that, he had a defibrillator / pacemaker device implanted under his collarbone which is connected to his heart. The doctors call it...

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Bella C.

As a photographer, Bella Cirovic is curator and keeper of life's most sacred moments. Her clients have said she has a way of capturing them in instances of magic and whimsy and that her steadying presence helps them feel at home in their skin.


She witnesses stories while living her own healing adventure. Bella's photography and video work have been featured in magazines, print, books, and documentary films.

An impassioned lover of nature, Bella works with earth and plant medicine for  purposes of deep soul examination, sacred ritual, and ceremony. From this passion her enchantment​ with perfume blending was born. She now offers her handmade talismans and treasures in the form of anointing oils, elixirs, space cleansing mists, and oil concentrates in her soulful online boutique. She considers herself a light bringer, a companion for the journey who adds a playful and trusting energy to all the circles she is invited to or a part of.