Blend of the Month Subscription


The Blend of the Month Subscription service was conceived as an extension of The Oil Bar & my passion for blending. If you are a person who loves to wear oils as perfumes, for meditation or prayer, or in any of your own sacred rituals, this service will be the surprise you love opening every month.


How Does The Service Work:


When you sign up for the subscription service, you will be billed $13.00 a month to receive a unique, hand blended oil. The Blend of the Month will be mailed out around the 1st of each month. Your oil will come carefully packaged with information explaining which oils were used, their medicinal properties as well as their emotional elements. Each oil will contain add ons like crystals and flowers. These will vary by month.


When you sign up for the monthly subscription, please know that you will be billed every month on the same date. If for any reason you wish to cancel your subscription, please email me (Bella) at - and I will put your cancellation through.


Can I purchase the Blend of the Month without a subscription?


While I used to make the monthly oils available for purchase, I have stopped doing that to keep the oils special & exclusive for subscribers only.




NJ Sales Tax and Shipping will apply to your Subscription service. Please choose the $6.00 standard mail rate. At this time, the Blend of the Month Subscription service will only be offered to ship in the continental USA.


Payment Timeframe:


If you purchase the Blend of the Month Subscription between the 1st and the 15th, you will receive that month's blend. If you purchase between the 16th and the 30th / 31st, you will receive next month's blend. 


Oil Ingredients:


All oil blends created for the Blend of the Month Subscription will be made with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil and Pure Essential Oils. An ingredient list will be included with your package. No nut oils will be used in these blends. Each oil will come in a 10ml roller ball glass bottle.


Note: I personally take great care in keeping my studio clean & sanitized at all times, but now more than ever during this global C19 pandemic. All products that are being shipped from this studio have been kept in clean conditions, wiped down prior to packing, and packaged with the utmost care. 


Want to send a friend or loved one a subscription as a short term gift? Choose the 3 or 6 month option! Fill in your info in the "billing" section and the recipients name & info in the "shipping" section. Your loved one will receive their blend every month with a personalized note from you. Please leave instructions in the Note To Seller section at checkout!

Blend of the Month Subscription

Price Options
Blend of the Month
3 Month Subscription
$13.00monthly/ 3 months
Blend of the Month
6 Month Subscription
$13.00monthly/ 6 months
Blend of the Month
Month to Month, Auto Renews Until You Cancel
$13.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • 2022: Get ready for: Gem Essence Oil Blends !! Receive one gem infused oil blend with an "I Am" mantra to use as a daily aroma perfume and self care support.


    January - I Am Protected


    February - I Am Adored


    March - I Am Trusting Myself


    April - I Am Transformation


    May - I Am Playful


    June - I Am Replenished


    July - I Am Devotion


    August - I Believe in my Intuitive Wisdom


    September - I Am Answering the Call


    October - I Am Capable of Doing Hard Things


    November - I Am In Awe


    December - I Honor All That I Am

  • At this time, we will not accept returns. Refunds can be made under special circumstances with dialog between buyer / seller. Any products that break during shipment can be replaced for free or refunded. Please email me (Bella) at to discuss.