Herbaceous Lemongrass dances with balsamic Juniper in this cleansing and purifying space and aura mist.


Lemongrass helps us work with and let go of what no longer serves or what we have come to completion with. It also helps dispel negative vibes attached to our body and our spaces. Lemongrass detoxes our attitude and helps us get in touch with our playful side.


Juniper assists us in the descent to the shadowlands. It helps us face aspects of ourself we fear, avoid, don't yet understand, or have not learned how to cope with. Juniper is a mind expander, helping us consider all possibilites before us. It is a potent remover of toxic energy and keeps you protected from night terrors.


Together, these two allies work to keep you and your spaces clear of old, stagnant energies. You can spray some around your aura, in your workspace, or on your bed before sleep and bask in the fresh, citron, woody aroma. This mist is a fear calmer. It is your Spring Cleanse.


This mist is 1 oz and made with a low concentration of Organic Lemongrass & Juniper Oils diluted in distilled water. Shake well before spraying. The shelf life is 12 months. This mist is not meant for be used on the skin. 


Available through June 20th

Spring Cleanse, Good Vibes Space Mist - 1 oz

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  • Ingredients:

    Organic Juniper Essential Oil (Juniperus communis L.), Organic Lemongrass Essential Oil (Cymbopogon flexuosus), Distilled Water