10 Ways I Use My Essential Oils

It is no secret that I love using essential oils. I have never shared exactly how I use them in my day to day life.

*Before I go further, I want to let you know up front that I am not affiliated with or a sales rep for any essential oil company. There are no sales pitches in this post.*

My love affair with essential oils began a few years ago when I ran into one of my oldest girlfriends at a boutique in town. She felt that my energy was off (it was!) and pulled out a small amber bottle from her bag. She unscrewed the cap, placed a few drops into the palm of her hand, rubbed both hands together and then slowly and non-invasively held her hands above my head and traced my aura. The smell was heavenly. I immediately felt relaxed, calm, and centered. I was curious to know what this magic potion was and how I could get my own bottle. So began my deep relationship with essential oils.

I do custom blend perfume and anointing oils for fun and for sale, but on the daily, I use my oils in a variety of ways. Not all of my methods are unique. I'm not claiming to be an authority on "how to" use essential oils and I am not trying to take credit for what I am about to share. I did learn a few tricks from researching both online and in books how to work with essential oils. I'm sharing with you, my readers, as a gesture of love and not wanting to keep this knowledge to myself :) My recommendation is to take what feels good and apply it while continuing to educate yourself on the benefits of essential oils, for there are many!

10 Ways I Use My Essential Oils

1. In a diffuser . . . I love, LOVE, love diffusing oils. My belief is that oils are living, breathing, energy givers and exchangers that transform the mood and atmosphere of a room. My favorite oil blends to diffuse are: lavender + cypress * lime + spearmint * peppermint + patchouli . . . Please take caution and read this information if you are a cat owner and diffuse oils.

2. As a room refresher . . . I purchase a few amber glass bottles and create room misters and refreshers.(which, also work as energetic area cleansers if you're into that sort of thing). I fill each bottle half way with distilled water and organic witch hazel and up to 20 drops of essential oil (s). You can play with blending oils or just use one. I prefer citrus oils to temper cooking smells and wood oils like sandalwood, cedarwood, or frankincense to help me feel grounded.

3. As an energy reviver . . . When I am in a slump or lacking the energy to get stuff done, I use a combo of 5 drops of peppermint oil with a carrier oil in a roller ball bottle. I buy a ton of 5ml and 10 ml perfume roller ball bottles for the purpose of massaging the oil on my pulse points and temples. Peppermint feels refreshing and wakes me up just by inhaling it. I massage a bit into my hands and inhale, repeating often for optimal results. (My favorite carrier oil is Argan Oil).

4. As a sleep aide . . . When I am particularly amped up and unable to fall asleep, I grab my rollerball that has a combo of lavender and sandalwood oils in a carrier, and rub into the soles of my feet. You can play with the amount of essential oils, but generally, I don't like to use more than 20 drops in a 10 ml rollerball. Essential oils are highly, highly concentrated.

5. Anxiety relief . . . This is a big one. I do suffer from occasional anxiety. I used to take medications for both mild depression and anxiety which did help me when I needed that help. Under the care of my doctor, I weaned off of all medications and began treating my anxiety and overall wellbeing with alternative methods like movement (could sure use more of this!), meditation, walks in the woods, and help from oils. The most relaxing oil for me while experiencing anxiety is lavender. Lavender is a natural tonic for the nervous system. The benefits of lavender are many, but I use the essential oil form mostly for sleep (as explained in #4) and calming my entire nervous system. Again, I put 20 drops combined with a carrier oil into a rollerball bottle. When I am "in" the anxiety, I rub the blend topically onto my heart space, my wrists, and my temples. I also add a bit to my hands and inhale deeply. Combined with mindful deep breaths, lavender essential oil works as a balm for my anxiety almost every time.

6. Closet refresher . . . Add a few drops on a cotton ball and place in a closet that gets extra stinky from shoes or clothing that has trapped food smells. (Or cigarette smoke smell, yuck!). Be prepared for the oil's scent to permeate everything in the closet, so choose and oil you love. For a closet, I lean toward Begamot, Tangerine, or Melissa a lovely citrus / floral. Change the cotton ball weekly.

7. Add to your shampoo for a spa - like experience . . . You can buy unscented shampoo and add a drop or two to the amount you use each morning for an invigorating wash. For this, you may be interested in using an oil with scalp soothing or hair growth benefits. I shower in the morning so I add a drop of peppermint and a drop of rosemary to my shampoo which feels amazing and helps me feel awake. (You can do the same with your body wash and skin moisturizer).

8. Soothe an upset stomach . . . I didn't believe this one until I tried multiple times and it worked. When your belly aches for any reason, use a rollerball of diluted peppermint oil or DigestZen by Doterra with a carrier oil and rub on your belly. Massage in a circular motion. Doing this has been known to soothe an upset stomach.

9. Skin Care . . . I may be in my 40's but I still get pimples and the occasional zit. Also, I sometimes get ingrown hairs on my inner thighs from shaving. One essential oil that has been helpful for both of these issues has been tea tree oil. After cleansing the affected skin area, I dab some tea tree oil (that's been diluted) onto the nasty bump that needs attention. Tea tree, a natural analgesic reduces any pain or discomfort while its antiseptic properties work to clear the bump up.

10. Sex . . . Yes, some essential oils are natural aphrodisiacs that wake up our libidos and put us in the mood for some lovin'. I have created body massage oils using patchouli and sandalwood, both oils that stimulate pleasure, to use on my partner. Another way I entice the senses is by creating a sheet spray using black pepper oil combined with cassia oil, a spicy cinnamon blend that blankets my bed. I love getting to know my oils more intimately through intimacy.

There you have it! My 10 unique everyday uses for essential oils. I only mentioned a few here in this post but please, be bold in your exploration of essential oils. Use caution though. Essential oils are super concentrated and should be used safely. Here is a link to a source that shares a printable cheat sheet on essential oil safety.

I'd love to hear about how you use your essential oils. What are your favorite combinations and blends? What do you use them for? Let's converse in the comment section.

~Essential oil buying tips: Buy organic and ethically sourced oils when possible. Most companies will state their extraction method and sources on their website.

~Be cautious when signing up as a rep with an oil company for the discount. You are bound by a contract to speak of the oils as the company wishes you to speak and can be asked to remove any public opinions / statements you have made about the oils. (I'm speaking from experience!)

~It is also very easy to bypass the cautions . . . please read them and use your essential oils with caution.

~Play, try, explore, experiment. Find which oils your attracted to. Learn about their benefits. Do not be afraid to get to know your oils.

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