WFD Pulled Pork

With all that is going on, my one constant "thing" that reminds me that I am still a human, woman, mom being is making dinner. I write out a list of ingredients to pick up at the grocery store that will make us all happy. And I try to keep things as simple as possible now that it is getting dark far too early. I love to sit out around the fire pit with my loves for a few hours before bed, so dinner has to be easy in both the making and the clean up. #priorities

One delicious meal I've created from the inspiration I took away from this picture is: Pulled Pork Tacos. If you are Paleo or GF, use lettuce as a wrap / taco. If you are just GF, there is a brand of tortilla wraps that when heated on both sides in a non stick pan are fantastic. Trust me, these are good. You may have to add a little garlic powder to them while they heat for added taste, but yeah, I love them. (I just saw they have a fiesta brand. Cool. Also, do not every try to use these things without heating first. They will tear + break + make you want to cry a thousand tears of frustration. Heat then use.)

Into the crock pot goes:

1 green bell pepper cut into slices

1 purple onion cut into rounds

2 center cut pork chops trimmed of all fat, 2 inch thick

1 28 oz. can chopped tomatoes (I use this exact one - organic + GF)

Shakes of salt, pepper, cumin + Mrs. Dash Salt Free, Fiesta Lime, no MSG seasoning (Mrs. Dahs is GF but cannot be labeled as so because it is made in a facility where gluten products are made and there is a possibility for cross contamination).

Cook in crock pot on high for 6 hours. Do not open the lid, even when tempted! After 6 hours, open up and shred pork with two forks.

You guys, this was delicious! Zak loved it and Mexican flavored foods are not one of his favorite things.

Clean up consisted of putting the leftovers in a tupperware and putting the cook part of the crock into the dishwasher. Sooo easy.

You can sub different meats (or beans if that's your jam), veggies, and seasonings to make different tasting meals. You can put over rice or noodles. The possibilities are endless with this base recipe.

Now that it's chilly out, this dinner hits the spot and gives us plenty of time to enjoy a movie night or sit around the fire to warm up our hearts before bed.

What have you been cooking? *Oh and are you having trouble finding my blog? That was brought to my attention in my last post -- I should be in your readers, but if I am not . . . you can subscribe to my feed here (add me to the reader of your choice).

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