Beach Day Adventures

There is a block of time right around Groundhog Day when that famous little critter announces we'll be graced with six more weeks of cold weather, that I start to feel withdrawn almost like I'm living on the edge of this human existence watching life happen to me. The cure for me has always been to get myself out into the world where the people are.

My good friend Jean is always game for an adventure. She came over for a visit last week and before she left, she, Angie, and I had planned out a day trip to the beach.

We might have been freezing, but that did not stop us from enjoying a beautiful day of walking up and down the windy shore. We had a bite to eat at the town pub before the hour ride home. I love how close I live to both the big city and the beach.

. . . . . . . . . .

I'm doing the Whole 30 as I shared in my last post. It is going very well. I think my success with this plan is solely based on the fact that I am not dwelling on the foods that I've eliminated (sugar, dairy, legumes, alcohol). They say not to weigh yourself for 30 days but screw that, I needed to know if this was working because I'm not used to consuming a lean meat at most every meal. It goes against everything I was taught! At 14 days in, I weighed myself and was pleased with the results! Not to mention all my clothing fits a lot looser now. I initially began the Whole 30 to help ease my stomach troubles as well as my gerd. Both seem to be doing fine. I feel fantastic, laser focused, and I have a lot of energy. I'm going to continue eating this way well past 30 days.

Here is a sample of what I've been eating:

Some things I need to remember:

+ Portion control! While there is no calorie counting on the Whole 30, it is not a free for all when it comes to portions. I'm learning to eat enough to satiate my hunger, not my feelings.

+ Snacking. Watch out for mindless snacking out of boredom.

+ Hydration. While I am drinking huge doses of water everyday, it is still not enough. I had an out of control, raging headache yesterday because I didn't drink enough water.

Victories (NSV's ... or non scale victories):

+ Clothing fits looser.

+ I feel really good about myself.

+ I have cooked all of my own meals (except for 2) for the last 21 days.

+ I have much more energy than I used to.

+ I have faith in myself . . . and my ability to make better choices for the sake of my health.

How has this winter been for you?

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