If you need someone to tell you it's gonna be ok.

It is ok to feel as if everything is about you. This is how you know your work is far from over. Because baby, it is not all about you.

It is ok to speak up for yourself when someone has tampered with your boundaries.

And love, it is more than ok to feel restless and uneasy in your skin.

It is ok to feel small in the conversation when what is being talked about is not what normal looks like for you. Just remember that there are no rules and the way you are doing life works for you and yours.

It is ok to not recognize yourself.

It is ok to start over. Again and again. Ad nauseam.

It is ok to be angry. To be sad. To feel slighted. To feel left out. These feelings balance out all the other ones.

It is ok to miss someone. Please remember that someone is also missing you.

You will feel so much guilt from indulging in these ego based places. You only go there on your worst days.

But not everyday is your worst day. So hold onto that.

{This has been an exercise in letting it all hang out.}

As a photographer, Bella Cirovic is curator and keeper of life's most sacred moments. Her clients have said she has a way of capturing them in instances of magic and whimsy and that her steadying presence helps them feel at home in their skin.


She witnesses stories while living her own healing adventure. Bella's photography and video work have been featured in magazines, print, books, and documentary films, including 2017 Manhattan Film Festival pick, Bright Lights by Jen Lee.

An impassioned lover of nature, Bella works with earth and plant medicine for  purposes of deep soul examination, sacred ritual, and ceremony. From this passion her enchantment​ with perfume blending was born. She now offers her handmade talismans and treasures in the form of anointing oils, elixirs, space cleansing mists, and oil concentrates in her soulful online boutique. She considers herself a light bringer, a companion for the journey who adds a playful and trusting energy to the circles she is invited to or a part of.

Bella C.


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