• Bella C

Why choose a body oil?

Forget about oil free. Give me all the oils.

Keeping skin soft, smooth, and velvety during the colder months can be easy with the addition of a body oil to your skin care routine.

Why choose a body oil over a body lotion? Body lotions contain oils mixed with water, emulsifiers, fragrance, and preservatives. Choosing an oil and applying it to wet skin will lock in water (moisture) and form a barrier making it difficult to evaporate. The result is plump, pillowy soft skin.

Oils nourish & fortify your skin with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, & fatty acids. Here are a few of my faves from the Intention Blends product line:

Glisten Body Oil: Made with Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with essences of Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Wild Orange, and Neroli. Glisten is the perfect oil for the cold, dark days of winter.

Chill Plant Infusion Oil: Made with a combination of Grapeseed Oil and Organic Golden Jojoba Oil infused with Lavender flowers, this oil is a nutrient rich powerhouse. With the added essences of Lavender, Cedarwood, and Vetiver, this oil with soothe the nervous system and relax the body.

Full Moon Lunar Body Oil: This one is a combination of Organic Sunflower Seed Oil & Organic Golden Jojoba Oil. Made with essences of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lavender, Tulsi & Geranium, this oil is luxurious and energizing.

Tangerine & Rose Botanical Skin Oil: An intoxicating Rose Petal infused Organic Golden Jojoba Oil with essences of Tangerine, Rose Absolute, & Clove. This oil is a staple in my skin care routine.

Body oils work best when applied to wet skin. Massage a small amount everywhere you want to feel smooth. Allow a few minutes for the oil to absorb and you are good to go.

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As a photographer, Bella Cirovic is curator and keeper of life's most sacred moments. Her clients have said she has a way of capturing them in instances of magic and whimsy and that her steadying presence helps them feel at home in their skin.


She witnesses stories while living her own healing adventure. Bella's photography and video work have been featured in magazines, print, books, and documentary films, including 2017 Manhattan Film Festival pick, Bright Lights by Jen Lee.

An impassioned lover of nature, Bella works with earth and plant medicine for  purposes of deep soul examination, sacred ritual, and ceremony. From this passion her enchantment​ with perfume blending was born. She now offers her handmade talismans and treasures in the form of anointing oils, elixirs, space cleansing mists, and oil concentrates in her soulful online boutique. She considers herself a light bringer, a companion for the journey who adds a playful and trusting energy to the circles she is invited to or a part of.