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Hi, I'm Bella Cirovic, founder and maker behind the soulful oils here at Intention Blends. I have always been intrigued by scent and its ability to transport us to a time and place nestled deep in our memory. Perfumes and oils have always stirred something in my soul, making me feel alive and present to the world.


My love of blending oils began back in the mid 90's when I managed a natural skin care and cosmetics shop that featured a make your own oil blend bar. I spent hours creating custom blends for clients and of course, for myself.

That store eventually closed and I took some years off to have a baby and to devote myself fully to motherhood.

In 2014 I took part in a workshop at the Providence Perfume Company that reignited my passion for blending. From that day, I began delving into books and going to workshops to learn everything I could on the subject. 

What are Intention Blends?

In the corner of my bedroom I set up a table and began crafting blends that not only smelled delicious, but leaned heavily on the emotional benefits of the essential oils to support how I wanted to show up in the world. These blends became tools I carried with me and applied often with heart based intention. This was my beginning.

I have since moved out of my bedroom and into a proper studio where I craft body oils, perfume oils, moon oils, face mists, and intention blends that support how you want to feel. I create my blends by seeking out the highest quality, all natural and ethically sourced materials to create oils that feed the skin as well as the soul. I've managed to marry my loves of perfumery, aromatherapy, and herbalism for the purpose of lifting and supporting the mind, body, and spirit. 

My studio is located in Northern NJ. I am super proud to be a maker in the growing NJ Handmade community. My oils are available for wholesale and are currently carried in local retail stores and massage studios. You can shop with me in person at various maker markets in NJ, NY, and PA throughout the year.

Product Line

Intention Blends . . . . Four blends that are intention specific, 10 ml roll on oils. Mercy (Seeking compassion for yourself and others), Repair (Making amends and course correcting), Love (The Root of all things), and Clarity (Deep focus and long to do lists). 

Perfume Oils . . . . Copious Grace, Forest Floor, Witches Brew, All Hallow's Eve, Winter & Summer Solstice Oils (seasonal), Spring & Autumn Equinox Oils (seasonal).

Moon Oils . . . . New Moon and Full Moon High Vibe Anointing Oils made for those who live in tune with the rhythms of the moon cycles. These are wonderful allies for your moon-time rituals and ceremonies.

Body Oils . . . . . Glisten, a Joyful Companion Blend (for times when you are in a funk or dealing with mild depression, this oil is a great friend to carry along on that journey), Beloved, a Self Love Oil (a companion for the winding path of self love that is always twisting and turning).

Botanical Plant Infusion Blends . . . . Chill (relaxation blend for overwhelm) and Low Key (an ally for help in the calming of anxiety).

Face Mists . . . . Cool Me Down (Cucumber / Mint) awesome for Summertime heat, post cleansing face toner, when you're feeling angry and want to calm down, and hot flashes. Inhale | Exhale Face Mist (Wintergreen / Peppermint / Rosemary / Lavender) originally created to refresh your face mask, but also used as an invigorating face mist. Use when tired + fatigued.

The Oil Bar . . . . In 2020, I added a Custom Oil Blending experience where you get to choose your oils and add ons like crystals or flowers. I blend up what you ask for and send it to you.

Oil Subscription . . . . It was wonderful while it lasted! 2021 - 2023. I'm always dreaming up new ideas. Let's see what kind of subscription I create next!

You can access the oils by clicking the "Shop" link in the toolbar above. Do you have a question I haven't answered? Would you like to work with me on making a custom blend? Are you interested in carrying my products in your retail store / massage practice / yoga, meditation studio? Please contact me via the form below. Your question will land in my email box which I check frequently. Expect a reply within 24 hours.

(An FAQ section coming soon!)


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