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Bella's Life Plan for the week 3/12

Well, it is one of my favorite weeks of the year: my daughter's birthday week. She turns 22 on the 16th. I love those magical, double digit years. I'm planning to make her a Bananas Foster cake using this recipe that I found on Tik Tok (here's the video). We will also be celebrating my husband's birthday the same night because he will be traveling for a few weeks, and won't be home for his birthday. (boo!)

. . . . .

Movement: As I told you last week, I'm adding a LOT more movement to my every day. This week I'll be doing this video in the morning after my coffee. Right before lunch I'll do this video and at 4 pm I'll take my 30 minute hot girl walk.

My work is very sedentary, I'm sitting a my desk for a big portion of the day. Incorporating movement is important for my age and to improve my life. I want to get stronger this year, and this is the work I have to do to reach that goal. And seriously, I'm starting at zero which is why these videos are beginner style.

. . . . .

Food Prep: This week I prepped two batches of Overnight Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding from the Minimalist Baker to have on hand as a snack. (It is my absolute favorite). Breakfasts will be Plain Greek Yogurt with wild blueberries, honey and peanut butter granola (this brand is the only one I use it's so good!) Lunches this week are baked chicken thighs with brown rice + broccoli. Dinners are Trader Joe's Turkey Burgers (I choose these because of the clean ingredients) on top of a big salad with avocado + a few sweet potato chunks. My body feels the best when I eat higher protein, high fiber, lower carb + sugar. I eat 3 meals & 2 snacks a day with plenty of water + herbal teas. This is what makes my body feel the best.

Learning: I'm logging school hours in on Tuesday and Thursday this week, inching a tad closer to my Aromatherapy Certification. (If anyone is interested, I'm completing my certification at The School for Aromatic Studies).

. . . . .

New Product Alert: My Spring Oil(s) drop next week. There will be two options available: a 10 ml roll on perfume oil that smells absolutely divine and a less concentrated 4 oz body oil. I worked on this formula for a few months before I was happy with the results. I'll be chatting all about my new oil this week on Instagram! Make sure to follow me there. And if you like discount codes, make sure you are signed up to receive my newsletter.

Current Art Girl Crushes: Paloma the Peach + Kaitie Mai

Current Fave Journal Video: This one + this one

Current Read: Crying in H-Mart

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Hi, I'm Bella Cirovic, founder and maker behind the oils here at Intention Blends. I have always been intrigued by scent and its ability to transport us to a time and place nestled deep in our memory. For as long as I can remember, perfumes and oils have stirred something in my soul, making me feel alive and present to the world.


I hand craft body oils, perfume oils, moon oils, and intention blends that support how a person wants to feel. I create my blends by seeking out the highest quality, all natural, and ethically sourced materials to create blends that feed the skin as well as the soul. I've managed to marry my loves of perfumery, aromatherapy, and herbalism for the purpose of lifting and supporting the mind, body, and spirit. 

As an impassioned lover of nature, I work with earth and plant medicine for deep soul examination, sacred ritual, and ceremony. You can find my handmade talismans and treasures in my online shop.


I consider myself a light bringer, a companion for the journey who adds a playful and trusting energy to all the circles I am invited to or a part of.

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