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MERCY Intention Oil



MERCY Intention Oil



    Mercy is meant to be used when we are ready to be gentle with ourselves. When we are showing ourselves or loved ones compassion & forgiveness. When we have been wrong or crossed but we choose to dig and respond with grace. It is for those times when our self talk is profane and negative. Mercy for ourselves, for others, and for when situations demand it.


    Earthy Patchouli is grounding, which helps us settle into ourselves. It, along with Grapefruit are well known supporters of self love and acceptance. Amber oil assists our deep level soul work. Lotus has long believed to be medicine for the soul.


    Amplified with Garnet chips, a root chakra, love crystal.


    10ml Roll on Perfume Oil made of high grade essential oils in a base of Organic Golden Jojoba Oil.


    Shake well before using. Patch test on skin prior to use.


    Dries down to a heavy spice (must love Patchouli). Scent on skin lasts from 1 to 3 hours. Re-Apply often.


    Disclaimers: Made to be used as a perfume oil. Please do not apply to face or near eyes. Do not ingest. The product is not meant to be used as an aide for any medical conditions.

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