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The Oil Bar

Welcome to 2024! Read our new offerings below:


Create your own botanical perfume for everyday wear that supports where you are and what you are currently moving through. This is a beautiful gift for yourself or a unique gift for a friend / loved one.


How it works & What is included:


1. Choose a flower (optional)

2. Choose a crystal (optional)

3. Choose 1 - 2 essential oils for your blend (15 - 30 drops of oil)


I will use my gift for blending to create your oil in a 10ml roll on bottle and label it for you. All blends are crafted when ordered in my Northern NJ studio.


Ingredients used:


Organic Golden Jojoba Oil is the carrier oil.

Essential Oils (Organic where noted) sourced from Eden Botanicals and Mountain Rose Herbs (no MLM oils)


Ratio of Essential Oil to Carrier Oil:


Your blend will have a conservative 5% - 10% ratio of essential oils which is considered a skin safe dilution. (Always patch test your oils on your hand prior to using them.


February 2024 Intention Oil Recipes:


Love Is In The Air - A Blend of Rose Damask Absolute, Cinnamon & Patchouli with Rose Petals & Labradorite Crystals (Choose Rose Damask + Cinnamon, type "Love is in the Air" in the note to seller section and I will blend up this recipe).


Cozy Winter Storm - Vanilla, Sandalwood & Tonka Bean, Jasmine Flower, Calendula Flower & Hematite Crystal (Choose Vanilla + Sandalwood, type "Cozy Winter Storm" in the note to seller section and I will blend up this recipe).


I'm Ready For Something New - Bergamot, Lavender, Peppermint, Lavender Flowers, Citrine Crystal (Choose Bergamot + Lavender, type "I'm Ready For Something New" in the note to seller section and I will blend up this recipe).


Letting Go (Of Behaviors & People That No Longer Serve Me) - White Sage, Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Vanilla, Green Flourite, Calendula Flower (Choose White Sage + Bergamot, Type "Letting Go" in the note to seller section and I will blend up this recipe).



Oils for kids ~ Have you thought about getting an oil for a child aged 12 or under? I do make skin safe diluted oils and have some great recipes for kids!


Orange Creamsicle ~ Blood Orange + Vanilla

Limeaide ~ Lime + Vanilla

Sleep Blend ~ Lavender + Eucalyptus



*Don't see an oil here? DM me on Instagram and we can discuss creating you a custom oil.



Crystals + Emotional Benefits:



Amethyst ~ A purple crystal stone of the 3rd eye / crown chakra that has many benefits including: *enhances spiritual awareness + psychic abilities *guards against psychic attacks *transmutes negative energy to love + protection *relieves stress + anxiety *helps with focus + memory *helps with issues of over indulgence.



Garnet ~ A deep red/wine color stone of the root chakra that has many benefits including: *cleanses and re-energizes chakras *a passionate love stone *activates strength + survival mode *invokes courage + hope *opens up the heart *balances your sex drive.



Clear Quartz ~ A clear crystal stone of the crown chakra that has many benefits including: *considered a master healer stone *absorbs, stores, and releases energy *neutralizes negative energy *enhances clarity in decision making *enhances psychic abilities *supports concentration *brings your entire body into balance.



Citrine ~ Renowned for its ability to attract abundance, ignite creativity, and stimulate the imagination, Citrine is a healing + energy boosting stone. It also helps you navigate through anger, fear, and depression, leaving you feeling more at peace and centered.



Hematite ~ Hematite grounds and protects us. It strengthens our connection with the earth, making us feel safe and secure, which in turn gives us the strength to create healthy boundaries energetically and emotionally. It endows us with courage, endurance and vitality. A "stone for the mind", Hematite stimulates concentration and focus, enhancing memory and original thought.



Labradorite - Known as the "Stone of Magic" this crystal will enhance your connection to the spiritual realms. Because the stone is made of an array of colors, it is thought that holding labradorite close to you will amplify your own inner light. This stone has healing and protective properties. It keeps negative vibes far away. With it's connection to the Third Eye & Crown Chakras, labradorite is said to help establish a connection to our higher selves and the Divine.



Green Moss Agate - This mystical stone promotes serenity and emotional balance. It is a calming stone that enhances tolerance (to irritation), and works really well for people who experience anger. Moss Agate will relieve you of your daily tensions as well as societal constraints. The stone may also improve how you cope with the stresses of work, love, and even life. Holding this stone near is like taking a breather and unwinding.



Green Flourite - Fluorite purifies and calms the atmosphere. It absorbs and defuses negativity. It has the ability to increase our focus, self-assurance, and confidence for decision-making. Fluorite fosters positivity, enhances creativity and helps us create more balance in our life. Keeping fluorite near will bring on the positive vibes.


The Oil Bar

  • Peppermint - This oil is potent and wonderful for focus and clarity. It blends well with most oils. I personally love to blend peppermint with a citrus oil like Bergamot. It also pairs well with Vanilla which will add warmth. It's a great oil to use alone when feeling fatigued and it does wonders for a headache! For a stress relief blend, try blending with Lavender.


    Lavender - Lavender is soothing to an anxious mind / body. It's an oil that asks you to pause, breathe, and rest. Sometimes, a pause is necessary not only for reassesing, but before speaking or prior to taking a big step. It is an oil that soothes fears & helps you remain calm. Lavender encourages honesty + open communication. Lavender is a floral that blends well with most oils. I love to pair it with minty oils or woodsy oils.


    Eucalyptus - This one is known as the oil of wellness. When your entire being needs a deep breathe, turn to Eucalyptus for support. I love this one on it's own or blended with a citrus or spice - and very specifically for breathwork, yoga, or kept on hand for when you need a deep breath due to anxiousness.


    Patchouli - A favorite of the hippies in the '60's, Patchouli is a mysterious oil that helps you connect to your own body / embodiment. It's great to use when feeling disconnected from yourself or when you are doing any work around self acceptance / self love. Patchouli blends beautifully with most oils, I love it with Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Cinnamon, Blood Orange or Rose Damask Absolute.


    Sandalwood - This one smells so darn beautiful. It's creamy and woodsy, just gorgeous. Sandalwood is considered the oil of sacredness. Use this oil in all your sacred practices like prayer, meditation, yoga + breathwork. It's considered a woody aroma and it blends well with most oils. I love it with Cedarwood, Vanilla, Lavender, or Bergamot.


    Bergamot - Most citrus oils are mood boosting, they help you feel happier. Bergamot also supports your work around self love and self acceptance. It's been used for centuries in perfumery and pretty much will go well with any oil you pair it with. I like it with Lavender, Cinnamon, or honestly . . . on it's own it's so yummy. This is a beautiful Italian citrus oil.


    Cinnamon - This is the oil of sexual harmony, a spice to heat up any blend. I will only add a drop or two, it's very potent. Cinnamon blends well with most oils. I love it with Rose Damask or Patchouli ... it is the ultimate ingredient in any sexy oil blend. I also love to add a drop or two to Peppermint or Eucalyptus for a muscle ache relief blend. Use Cinnamon alone if you when working on behaviors like fear, jealousy + control.


    Blood Orange - A beautiful citrus oil that helps you feel cheerful and helps you envision big things . . . so it is great for journaling and manifesting goals or if you're having any confidence issues. This is also a beautiful love oil, so add it to your potions with love in mind. Blood Orange blends so beautifully with most oils. It's my favorite with Patchouli, Cedarwood, Pink Pepper or Rose Damask Absolute.


    Vanilla - An aroma well known and loved, Vanilla is sweet and warm and invokes feelings of being love and safe. Vanilla brings a warmth to blends and pretty much pairs well with most oils.


    Cedarwood - This one is deep, rich, and smoky so it adds richness to your blend. Cedarwood helps us work well with others while feeling emotionally grounded. I added it in the lineup if you are looking to add a touch of smokyness to your blend.


    Tonka Bean Absolute Oil - This oil will add a warm, caramel type sweetness to your blend. It gives "mocha latte" aroma vibes. I love to add a drop or two of this oil with Vanilla, Sandalwood, or Cinnamon.


    Nutmeg (Organic) - Bright, warm and spicy, Nutmeg will lend a woody / spicy aspect to your oil blend. It blends really well with creamy Sandalwood, Vanilla, Orange or Cedarwood.


    Coffee Bean CO2 Oil - Smells just like morning coffee. This addition to the oil bar is simply to create latte blends.


    White Sage - Fresh, deep, and sacred, white sage will add an earthy aroma to your blend. It pairs really well with Patchouli, Cedarwood, Vanilla & Sandalwood.


    Pink Pepper - If your blend needs depth, pink pepper is the perfect spice to add! This oil is fresh + bright like a celebration. I would add it to any blend that celebrated your accomplishments. (Just making it through the day is an accomplishment!).


    Rose Damask Absolute - From our supplier "Rose expands our awareness and faith. Rose is known for her affinity for the heart. Above all, rose is a balm to the soul. Rose oil is referred to as a gentle but potent anti-depressant. Rose oil may be used as a sedative for the nerves; it’s useful in the treatment of palpitations, irritability and insomnia. It helps to release anger, despair and frustration.It opens the heart and soothes feelings such as anger, fear and anxiety.

  • Due to shipping rate increases that went into effect Oct. 3, 2021, I will have to raise my shipping costs. I am sorry for any inconvenience this causes. (Read article here).


    USA: First Class Service (2 - 7 days delivery time) is $6 and Priority Flat Rate (1 - 3 days delivery time) is $9.


    Canada:  First Class Service via the USPS (14 - 20 days delivery time) is $20 USD


    Shipping days are Tuesday through Friday.  Please allow 1-3 days of processing from the time you place your order until it makes it to the post office. *The USPS has announced that we should expect shipping delays beginning Oct. 2021 through the Holiday season. Please understand that once your package leaves my studio, I no longer have knowledge of where your package may be if it is delayed. Please hold on to your Tracking Info (emailed to you when your shipping label is created) to keep tabs on your package. I am always happy to help with shipping delays, but I cannot resolve them for you.


    **All orders are charged 6.6% NJ Sales Tax


    International, outside continental US + Canada? I'd be happy to mail you products. Email me first for a shipping quote:

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